Sales clerk


Minimum Education:

High School

Number of recruits:


Experience Requirements:

Within 1 year


Sales clerk

Due to development needs, the company is in urgent need of hiring:
sales clerks (5)
1. College degree or above; have more than 1 year of marketing experience or have been engaged in capacitor sales;
2. Have strong planning ability, independent and self-reliant Ability; good teamwork spirit;
3. Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, meticulous, rigorous, passionate, and strong in work principles;
4. Salary negotiable
Quality Assistant (1):
1. High school or above, age: 25~45 Years old,
2. Can purchase social insurance, have experience in quality inspection, and have worked in the capacitor industry is preferred, salary interview
Interested applicants can send their resumes to (please indicate the position you want to apply for when submitting your resume) or Direct 
contact: Miss Ye Tel: 26336780 (If interested, please contact by phone during working hours)
Address: No. 16, Beijiao Industrial Avenue (Beijing Huada Electric Appliance Industry Co., Ltd.)